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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Federal Highway facing temporary closures at night

Article in the Malaysian Insider - Federal Highway facing temporary closures at night

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — There will be temporary closures along KM19 of the Federal Highway on five nights between April and early May for upgrading works on electricity supply.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and Projek Lebuhraya Usahasama Berhad (PLUS Berhad) released the statement to Bernama Online.

The stretch — which is near Subang Parade — will be shut to traffic every 15 minutes between 12.01am and 4.30am on April 2, 9, 10, 17 and May 6.

Motorists are advised to access alternative roads during those scheduled times. More information is available at TNB Careline (15454) or PLUS Line (1 800-88-0000).

Subang Jaya exit should remain as two lanes, says Yeoh

THE Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) has been urged to stop narrowing the two-lane exit from Subang Jaya to the Federal Highway.
Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said the ongoing road work near Glenmarie in Shah Alam had reduced the exit to only one lane.
“It has created traffic congestion in the morning as the exit is one of the main access roads for Subang Jaya residents to get out of the township.
“I have received many complaints from the residents last Thursday and Friday regarding the road work,” she said.
Yeoh added that she had highlighted the matter to Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, who was coordinating with the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to supervise the work.
“According to mayor Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan, the road work falls under MHA, since it is on the Federal Highway.
“MHA should not narrow the road since it affects thousands of Subang Jaya residents in the morning,” she said.
Yeoh added MBSA should brief the Subang Jaya Municipal Council, on the traffic plan for the new development.
“It seems that there would be criss-crossing of traffic especially motorists heading towards the development and those from Subang Jaya,” she said.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indiscriminate parking along Jalan SS16/1

Selangor Times Writer: Brenda Ch'ng

At the press conference together with residents of Saujana Residency at Jalan ss16/1

SUBANG JAYA: Daily traffic gridlock at apartments next to Empire Shopping Gallery has become worse since the explosion, and residents are urging the municipality to act.

“It takes me close to an hour to get from Carrefour to my home at Saujana Residency, a short stretch measuring about 400 meters,” said Saujana Residency joint management body( JMB) chairperson Marcus Tan.

Tan, who has been living there for more then a year, said the traffic situation is getting from bad to worse.

The situation was exacerbated after the main junction leading to the mall was closed due to the gas-leak explosion on Wednesday (Sept 28).

As a result, there is now more indiscriminate parking on Jalan SS16/1. “Yesterday alone, I did a rough count, and there were about 200 to 300 illegally parked vehicles here,” said Tan.

He said many letters and complaints have been sent and made to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ), but to no avail.

“There are actually numerous empty carpark lots at Subang Parade, which is just across the road, but people just don’t want to pay the fee,” Tan said.

To make matters worse, three to four buses are parked along the one-lane road right behind Carrefour, making it hard for vehicles to manoeuvre past without obstructing traffic coming from the opposite direction.

Motorists are also seen making illegal Uturns near the entrance to the Subang Commuter station, and also at the traffic light between Subang Parade and Carrefour on Jalan SS16/2.

Delivery vehicles, waiting taxis and shoppers also tend to park their vehicles at Carrefour’s side entrance (SS16/2), turning the two-lane road into a singlelane.

To solve the problem, Tan has proposed for MPSJ to study the traffic situation and turn Jalan SS16/1 into a one-way road.

He said MPSJ’s enforcement officers should also be proactive and tow illegally parked vehicles.

“I agree with Tan that something serious has got to be done by the council immediately to rectify the traffic situation here,” said Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh.

Yeoh urged council officers to have a sense of urgency when reviewing the proposal and in making SS16/1 a one-way road.

“Making the road a one-way street is not difficult, and it doesn’t incur much cost on the council either. So I see no reason why traffic changes cannot be done immediately,” she said.

She also wants MPSJ to patrol the area more often, especially during peak hours, and tow away illegally parked vehicles.

“I’ve been told by MPSJ that they have issued 976 summonses last month for this road alone, but with the many cars still illegally parking, I don’t think summonses alone are effective anymore,” she said.

Subsequently, MPSJ has agreed to patrol the area more often and tow vehicles away after an hour’s notice.

“First we will give warning via the loudspeaker asking them to move their vehicles. If they don’t, we will issue summonses after half an hour.

“If they still don’t move after one hour, tow trucks will be contacted and vehicles towed away immediately,” said the council’s enforcement assistant director, Ainol Salnee Salim.

Since last week, MPSJ has towed away about 10 cars daily from the area.

All cars towed will be brought to a site in USJ 3A, where vehicle owners will have to pay a minimum fee of RM200 before their vehicles are released.

“If records show they have outstanding summonses from the past, they will also have to clear their debt before their vehicles are returned,” Ainol said.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Article in komunitikini on SJCC

Sime Darby’s Subang Jaya City Centre project gets council waiver

The MPSJ monthly full board meeting was embroiled in a verbal tussle today when councillors deliberated an approval granted to the Subang Jaya City Centre project owner, Sime Darby.

Councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran noted that Subang Jaya assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh had yet to peruse the new traffic circulation plan proposed by Sime Darby when the council’s One Stop Center (OSC) committee had approved it.

Sime Darby presented the plan to Yeoh two weeks ago, seeking a waiver of a condition that requires it to build a flyover in its SS16 project site, and pledged to replace it with some other traffic measures.

Yeoh, in reply, asked for a copy of the proposal and promised to give her feedback in a week.

Hence, Rishyakaran (right) cried foul that OSC should not have waived the condition from Sime Darby without Yeoh’s consent.

“I hope we can withhold the decision until Yeoh studies the case,” he said.

Council president, Asmawi Kasbi, however defended the move, saying that the developer had already proved that building a flyover is technically impossible on the site.

“The flyover will cross paths with the LRT extension,” he said, adding that MPSJ will explore alternatives.

Rishyakaran then urged the council to take the issue seriously, as Ikram (Public Works Institute of Malaysia) has warned that traffic conditions in SS16 will deteriorate to F-class should there be unbridled development in the area.


Councillor Ismail Kamal Abdul Raman also asked the OSC to defer the approval, but Asmawi (right) finally passed it.

SJCC is a 13.75 acres integrated development with shophouses, apartments, LRT station and office blocks.

Sime Darby was initially asked to build a flyover between Persiaran Jengka and Persiaran Kemajuan and two roundabouts as the conditions imposed for the project’s approval.

Talking to Komunitikini later, Rishyakaran said there was no reason for the council to have rushed in waiving the condition.

“If you exclude the condition now, you can’t add on another later,” he said.

“Now it’s too late; we got nothing to bargain with Sime Darby already,” he added.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Completion of 3 access roads in USJ 1

These 3 roads were approved for construction during the administration of the former state government. However, right after the general elections in 2008, works on two of these roads were stalled. We immediately called in the landowner and contractors involved to tackle all outstanding issues and works on the abandoned roads soon resumed. Recently, we launched all 3 completed roads.
Road 1 : Launching of road connecting USJ 1 and USJ 8 (Persiaran Subang Indah ke Jalan TS 6/10A) together with MPSJ councillors Rajiv Rishyakaran (JKP Zone 3), Roslan Shahir (JKP Zone 4), YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan and committee members of JKP Zone 4. The costs for construction of this road is RM157,000. This project involved the acquisition of a piece of private land by the Developer.

Residents of USJ 1 also turned up to celebrate the launching of this road

I also conducted a site visit together with YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan, MPSJ councillor Roslan Shahir and MPSJ Engineer at the pedestrian traffic lights in front of SJK(C) Chee Wen. Parents have requested for the construction of a pedestrian bridge here. However, MPSJ has said that the width of the road is too narrow for a pedestrian bridge. An appeal is currently pending by some parents of the school.

Photo taken from article in The Star dated 20 March 2010

Road 2 : Opening of the slip road at Persiaran Subang
(just behind Summit USJ 1)

Road 3 : With YAB Menteri Besar Tan Sri Dato' Seri Khalid Ibrahim, YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP for Kelana Jaya), YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan and MPSJ councillors launching the opening of the slip road from Kesas into Persiaran Subang Mewah.

Read the article in NST here.

At the press conference with YAB Menteri Besar and Dato' Dr Hassan Ali after the launch.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Town Hall for new parking system in Taipan

My office and Jawatankuasa Penduduk Zone 3 hosted a town hall session in MPSJ last week to gather feedback from residents and business owners on the new parking system in Taipan, USJ 10.

The trial period for the hourly parking in Taipan will end in March 2010 and MPSJ will then review the effectiveness of this new system. This new hourly parking will encourage business owners and their employees to park their cars in the private car park owned by Corporate Parking (Corporate Parking agreed to match their season parking stickers from RM105 to RM80 a month ie. MPSJ's rate).

This change has increased the number of season parkers in Corporate Parking from 350 to 500 users. This simply means at every hour there are at least 150 public parking bays freed up all around Taipan for customers and residents to use. Read the news report on this from The Star "Parking limit proves effective".

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Persiaran Tujuan

Last year after pushing MPSJ to do a traffic study on Persiaran Tujuan and after the implementation of IKRAM's professional suggestions, traffic on Persiaran Tujuan improved in the morning.

However, ever since school started in January 2010, many residents have complained about the heavy traffic along Persiaran Tujuan again. MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran is currently monitoring the situation together with MPSJ Engineering. IKRAM has again gone on site together with councillor Rajiv and MPSJ Engineering and this time, the team noted an increase in vehicles and change in traffic pattern. This is possible when you have new batch of students in every school in town and increase in households in nearby townships.

Please read Rajiv's posting on his blog entitled Traffic on Tujuan for Morning Rush Hour for more details.

MPSJ councillors together with SJ Alert have also gone on a site tour with the traffic policemen from IPD Subang Jaya to examine all the junctions and places which are in need of assistance from the traffic police.

As for Persiaran Kewajipan, MPSJ councillors have also met with JKR and MP for Kelana Jaya Loh Gwo Burne to discuss on all the outstanding issues relating to Subang Kelana Link.

I have also spoken to Nik Nazmi, the State Assemblyman for Seri Setia about the congestion at the Motorola interchange. This congestion has also caused a backlog all along NPE, Persiaran Tujuan and all the way into USJ.

I will continue to coordinate with all parties involved to see how we can improve the situation this year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Proposed KJ LRT route extension to Subang Jaya/USJ

Dear Residents,

As most of you maybe aware the LRT is coming to Subang Jaya/USJ, and it will effect you and your family in more ways than one, be sure you keep yourself abreast of details of what is happening, more so because you are a resident of Subang Jaya/USJ/Bandar Sunway.

Where to view the Display of the Proposed LRT Route
Details of proposed LRT route and station details are now on display for public viewing/comments at:
Display Venue : Lobby, MPSJ Complex in USJ5, Subang Jaya

You can gather additional information about the LRT Extension at the following blogsite setup specially for this purpose

Ad-Hoc Action Group
An ad-hoc Action Group comprising Community Representatives from JKP Zones 1 - 3, Subang Jaya Residents Association, USJ Residents Association, Bandar Sunway Residents Association, SJ Alert & Transit has been formed to address various concerns, social and environmental impact issues pertaining to the Proposed LRT line extension into Subang Jaya.

Comments/Feedback Forms
Please note that the ad-hoc Action Group have prepared a special form to gather your Feedback/Comments and these are now available at the display area of the LRT Route in MPSJ Complex, ADUN Subang Jaya Office, participating JKPs and Residents Association it can also be downloaded from:

How/Where to submit the Feedback Form
Special Note: Comments/Feedback Forms must be complete to be considered valid and must be submitted by: Wednesday, 25/11/2009

1. By Hand: Drop into the designated box provided at the Lobby MPSJ Complex - USJ5

2. By Fax: 03-5631 2757

3. By Mail: P.O.Box3215, 47509 Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E.

Your Feedback/Comments will help the ad-hoc Action Group to prepare the necessary submissions and/or new recommendations to the Department of Railways and Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad.

You are also welcome to submit feedback in your personal capacity, details of which are available at the Department of Railways Website:

In the coming days, banners will be put up along the proposed LRT routes and on overhead bridges along Persiaran Kewajipan and Persiaran Tujuan as well as all proposed LRT Station sites in Subang Jaya/USJ for your added attention.

Inform your neighbours and friends of what is being done to ensure that our Community addresses the various impact issues before the Line is being built. Support this effort by sending in your Comments.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"No comment"

Last Thursday, I called for a press conference together with devotees of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association on the promised pedestrian bridge at Persiaran Kewajipan. Persiaran Kewajipan is under the jurisdiction of JKR (a federal agency). This issue was first published during the campaign time for the General Elections 2008. Read about the promise made here. After the elections, residents of Subang Jaya (who are still paying income tax to the Federal Government!) were only given a "No Comment" reply when they asked for the promised pedestrian bridge.
Suicide road
Reported in the Malay Mail on Friday, October 9th, 2009. See reports in NST, Sinar Harian and The Star.

THE Subang-Kelana Link has never ceased to spark controversy. The latest, when the Public Works Department (PWD) failed to keep its word in building a pedestrian bridge along Persiaran Kewajipan, Subang promised to Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) members Subang Jaya State assemblyman, Hannah Yeoh said an official letter had been sent to Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) by PWD to confirm that a bridge to connect SS13 and SS14 would be built. However, PWD allegedly decided to pull the plug a few months ago to the dissatisfaction of residents.

“On Feb 18, 2008, a letter was sent to MPSJ indicating that a pedestrian bridge would be built to accommodate SJBA devotees and its neighbour, a Hindu temple.But they decided not to build the bridge and when we asked for an explanation, they only said ‘no comment,’” Yeoh said.

Meanwhile, SJBA chairman, Chim Siew Choon said many devotees found it difficult to cross the road after the opening of the link.

“The link was supposed to make the road less congested but it’s getting worse. We're just concerned with the safety of residents, especially senior citizens and children.

There were cases where devotees had been knocked down. We don’t want to wait until something fatal occurs for us to open our eyes,” he said.

Subang Jaya resident, Claire Chan, 71, said that it used to be easy for her to visit the association before the link was built. As construction progressed, the difficulties started.

“I believe that people can die anytime, anywhere, but I am an old lady devoted to my religion and I want to go there as often as I can.Back then, it was easy for me to travel on my own by cycling across the street but with the heavy traffic congestion, I now have to cross the busy road three times. I am in my 70s, how am I supposed to use the pedestrian bridge located so far away?” she said.

Another resident, Cheah Suan Cheng, 70, agreed, saying it took her more than an hour to reach the association each time from her home.

“I stay in USJ1 and it's really near the association. But the traffic is unbearable. Last Sunday, many of us were caught in a traffic jam where we had to spend 45 minutes to an hour to get to our destination. The link does not help the congestion at all, it's only making it worse,” she said.
Yeoh said: “The main issue is, they've promised us. We want PWD to honour its promise. If it can spend so much on building the stretch, what's a pedestrian bridge going to cost?”Chim said the association is planning to take the matter further with a signature campaign which will be presented to Public Works Minister, Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

“So far, we’ve obtained more than 850 signatures and we expect to get more than a thousand by the end of the week. We’re willing to go that far to get PWD to reconsider the plan,” he said.

Together with devotees of SJBA at Persiaran Kewajipan

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional?

I have just been informed by several community leaders in Subang Jaya that MCA Kelana Jaya Division led by Mdm Ong Chong Swen is organising a consultation session with resident reps in her office on information pertaining to the LRT route provided by the Ministry of Transport. Since last year, we have been calling on the LRT concessionaire (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd) and the Ministry of Transport to provide MPSJ with the proposed LRT route. To date, my office and MPSJ has yet to receive any news from them. This is despite official letters and even a public briefing for the residents which was organized by residents with my office. We have been kept waiting for months to hear of anything from Prasarana and the Ministry of Transport.

A proper consultation session should be organised by the Ministry of Transport or the LRT concessionaire involving MPSJ, the Member of Parliament, State Assemblymen, MPSJ councillors and all affected residents. The LRT project is not funded by Barisan Nasional or MCA, it is funded by the federal government using taxpayers' money. What is the role of MCA Kelana Jaya in this consultation session? So many questions remain unanswered. The Minister of Transport has to be more forthcoming. Inviting selected resident reps to attend a consultation session on the LRT route in a MCA service centre is highly inappropriate. The people of Subang Jaya is being denied key information for the sake of political mileage with MCA tagging onto the LRT project and trying to use this to score political points. I reiterate the case here again: the people's elected reps should not be denied information and access to the due process for a government project that has implications affecting everyone. The LRT is not a "Projek Barisan Nasional" or a "Projek MCA".

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Improvements to be made along Persiaran Tujuan

After the full board meeting in MPSJ last month, we had a press conference to announce the proposed traffic improvements to be made along Persiaran Tujuan which would be implemented on 1st of May 2009. As soon as I was elected in 2008, I requested MPSJ to arrange for a wholesome traffic study to be carried out by an independent consultant. Please click here to view the proposed traffic improvements suggested by IKRAM. Few important points for residents to note:
  • these proposed improvements were prepared by IKRAM, a professional independent consultant and not random suggestions by lay persons;
  • these proposed improvements will provide maximum effect only if the exit to Federal Highway from Persiaran Tujuan is not already congested in the morning;
  • IKRAM, MPSJ and the traffic police will be monitoring the effect of these changes and there will be a trial period of one month;
  • a permanent solution to replace the SS19 traffic light is being sought. IKRAM has suggested for an underpass to be constructed. I am working on this together with MPSJ;
  • a lot of suggestions have been made by residents on traffic issues, however we are unable to accommodate all these suggestions without them being substantiated by a professional report. As such, I urge all residents to give these professional proposed improvements a chance for them to be implemented. Residents can send feedback to MPSJ throughout the month of May, just email them to Encik Mohd Ariffuddin of Engineering Department, MPSJ at

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On-site visits for traffic infrastructure improvements

Recently, several on-site visits in Subang Jaya were made together with MPSJ councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong and the Engineering team from MPSJ. A few residents from these affected areas also joined us to discuss some of the issues concerning them.

SS13, Subang Jaya

Together with AZRB contractor discussing improvements to be done on the service road parallel to Persiaran Kewajipan such as the resurfacing of the road and to provide clear indicators of traffic flow.

SS12, Subang Jaya

With residents from SS12 discussing on the effectiveness of the traffic solution in front of the hospital. A prior meeting was held in MPSJ to discuss on ways to curb double parking all around the hospital and shops in SS12. Barriers have been placed on roads surrounding the hospital to prevent indiscriminate parking.

SS16, Subang Jaya

Discussion and resolution on issues concerning entrance and exit beside Carrefour together with representatives from E-tiara development and Brunsfield development. Improvements will be made to the service road in front of the new developments and widening of the very narrow exit in front of Carrefour.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Traffic updates

I am committed to improving the traffic conditions in my constituency and will continue to explore ways to do this together with MPSJ councillors, MPSJ, traffic police, JKR and highway operators. This is no easy task in a high density constituency but I am calling for cooperation from all parties to help residents reduce waiting time in traffic jams.

Please refer to the article in The Star below for more details:

Tuesday March 10, 2009
Plan to reduce Subang jams By LIM CHIA YING

PERSIARAN Kewajipan in Subang Jaya is expected to undergo some traffic flow changes in the near future as part of a study to cope with larger traffic volume expected when the Subang-Kelana Elevated Highway is ready. Last year, the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) had said that it had appointed traffic consultant Ikram to study and propose what could be done to alleviate the expected traffic problems. MPSJ civil engineer Mohd Ariffuddin Kamari recently said that Ikram had already submitted its traffic recommendations. “We have sent the report to the Public Works Department (PWD) and the police for a review, since Jalan Kewajipan belongs to the PWD,” Ariffuddin said. “For now, we are just waiting for the PWD and the police to get back to us,” he added. He said Ikram had made a presentation on Feb 23 at the council infrastructure meeting, which induded Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh and several councillors. “We are forming a technical committee to be chaired by the MPSJ president and comprising agencies like the PWD, the Malaysian Highway Authority and highway concessionaires to study the traffic problems. “Through the recommendations, we will see how best to address the issue, especially at peak hours and also how to cope with the future volume of traffic when all development projects in the area are completed,” Ariffuddin said. He added that the MPSJ infra-committee had also been reviewing the traffic situation in USJ and Subang Jaya over the past few months. Meanwhile, Mass Transit Klang Valley (Transit) adviser Moaz Yusuf Ahmad and several concerned residents formed their own committee last year to study the bottleneck areas. One of the proposals made by the committee was to get rid of the four-phase traffic lights at the interchange. However, Ariffuddin said the traffic lights belonged to the PWD and also Kesas and required approval from both parties before it could be removed. He added that the arterial roads – Persiaran Kewajipan and Persiaran Tujuan – are also used by non-residents due to the easy connectivity that they provided. Meanwhile, three other roads in Subang Jaya are expected to undergo traffic light retiming to better manage traffic jams. The roads are Persiaran Murni, Persiaran Perpaduan, and Persiaran Tujuan. Ariffuddin said the council had also installed flexible orange posts at several locations like the junction of Persiaran Murni and Persiaran Tujuan to deter queue-jumping. “I know not everyone will be pleased with this, but we have to control traffic for the benefit of other road users,” he said. Ariffuddin added that, in the long run, public transportation would have to be improved to reduce congestion.

Friday, February 27, 2009

LRT delayed to 2013?

This was featured in Malay Mail on 30 January 2009. You can read more about it here. Alternatively, you may visit Transit (Klang Valley)'s website and read more on the comments by TRANSIT Advisor En Moaz Yusof Ahmad. My office has yet to receive any update from Syarikat Prasarana Nasional Bhd (SPNB) via MPSJ. I will keep all residents posted once I hear from them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally... work can now resume!

Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad has been permitted by the Court to remove the pedestrian bridge at Persiaran Kewajipan above. This is good news for the residents in Subang Jaya because work for Subang-Kelana link can resume soon. Read more about it here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soil test for LRT & traffic studies by IKRAM

Soil test for proposed LRT route is being carried out in Subang Jaya. I have been waiting for months for an official reply from Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad via MPSJ since the LRT briefing in September and I have requested MPSJ to notify my office for any update(s) on this issue. I have received none. The Ministry of Transport should be more forthcoming about the LRT plans in Subang Jaya.

I have been receiving complaints about the closure of lanes in the morning rush hour by traffic policemen from Subang Jaya leading into the Federal Highway. This has resulted in massive backlog in USJ. I have conveyed this to the traffic police several times. They have taken note of it but would not change their current plan without studying it first. I don't understand this, but traffic police is not obliged to take instructions from me. I have conveyed the problems faced by the people here to them, now it's their duty to respond accordingly.

As for traffic studies by IKRAM and MPSJ on Persiaran Tujuan, I have repeatedly informed MPSJ on the severity of the problem and attended Infrastructure Committee Meetings at MPSJ to convey my dissatisfaction about the delay of these studies. I was at a press conference yesterday highlighting this problem. Read about it here.

These are only some of the many difficulties faced by the new state administration with federal agencies and some civil servants. If only all civil service agencies are as effective in all their duties as the Perak State Secretary when he chased the Pakatan MB out from his office in less than a day!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meeting with the traffic team

In anticipation of the back-to-school traffic tomorrow, I have arranged for a meeting with the traffic team from IPD Subang Jaya last week. I made a courtesy call to DSP Tengku Anuar, the new Ketua Bhg Ketenteraman Awam/Ketua Trafik Daerah of IPD Subang Jaya. The purpose of our meeting was to request for traffic policemen to be stationed at Persiaran Tujuan and Persiaran Kewajipan to assist with the morning and evening traffic.

Right after the election, I had immediately requested MPSJ to appoint an independent traffic consultant to prepare an in-depth traffic study on Persiaran Tujuan, Persiaran Kewajipan and the entire SS16 (again, in anticipation of the traffic which will be coming in once all the development works are completed behind Subang Parade). At each infrastructure meeting in the last few months, we have been told the details of the studies were still not completed and would be completed by December 2008. I am not pleased with the delay and will continue to push for this at MPSJ.

While we still await suggestions and improvement of traffic flow from the independent traffic consultant at these main areas, I am grateful for the cooperation given by DSP Tengku Anuar and his team. The meeting was very fruitful as we managed to discuss other traffic issues in Bandar Sunway and also the possibility of seeking assistance from RELA officers and MPSJ officers for traffic control. We discovered from the police that this option is not feasible as the relevant provisions in law do not allow this. Traffic policemen will continue to be stationed at the traffic light in front of Summit USJ (Persiaran Kewajipan) and the traffic light at SS19 and USJ 3 (Persiaran Tujuan) from 6:45am to 9:00am and from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. I have specially requested for priority to be given to the main traffic leaving USJ in the morning and main traffic entering Subang Jaya from Federal Highway in the evening.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Status update: bridge from USJ Heights to USJ3A/B/C/D

I have requested for status update from MPSJ on the proposed bridge from USJ Heights to USJ 3A/B/C/D and its conditions. Below is the reply obtained from MPSJ:

(a) Menaiktaraf simpang-simpang merbahaya dan jalan-jalan di kawasan perumahan USJ3 dengan menyediakan lay-by dan lampu isyarat.
Status: Pihak Majlis telah meluluskan pelan bagi tujuan tersebut dan ianya dalam proses perlaksanaan pihak pemaju.

(b) Menyediakan jejantas untuk kanak-kanak sekolah dan penduduk melintas di kawasan-kawasan tumpuan (Persiaran Setia).
Status: Pihak Majlis telah meluluskan pelan bagi perkara tersebut dan ianya dalam proses perlaksanaan pihak pemaju.

(c) Menyediakan zon penampan yang mampu menghalang pencemaran udara dan bunyi bising kenderaan lalulalang.
Status: Penghadang bunyi bagi USJ 3D telah siap sepenuhnya. - bagi USJ 3A, satu masyuarat bersama pihak LLM diadakan bagi memohon permit untuk melaksanakan kerja bagi sebahagian yang masih terbengkalai - USJ 3C akan ditanam dengan pokok dalam jangkamasa 2 bulan.

(d) Mengadakan laluan jambatan hanya untuk kenderaan ringan.
Status: Dalam tindakan pihak pemaju.

(e) Menyediakan jalan susur keluar / masuk di flyover SS19 / USJ 3 ke KESAS.
Status: Pihak Majlis telah menghantar surat kepada pihak LLM dan KESAS memohon ulasan bagi perkara tersebut pada 3 September 2008.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Public briefing on LRT

Photo courtesy of SJ Echo

I have been invited by some residents of SS14 to brief them together with all other interested residents from my constituency on the LRT Kelana Jaya extension to Subang Jaya-USJ-Putra Heights. I recently requested for a meeting with Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad and will be briefing the residents on the outcome of the meeting. See you there!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Proposal to changes at Persiaran Tujuan has been deferred

At the last infrastructure meeting at MPSJ, I was informed that the traffic proposal submitted to make certain changes at Persiaran Tujuan has been deferred. This traffic proposal submitted is very similar to the one stated here by a resident. I have heard objections from residents of SS18 and SS19 on this proposal. Councillors have requested for an independent traffic study to be done prior to any changes being made. This study would look into causes of the traffic jam, effect of changes made and etc. This is to ensure that the best solution is employed to tackle the traffic problem. Meanwhile, we still need to rely on traffic police at Persiaran Tujuan during peak hours for now. I will follow up closely with MPSJ and ensure that the study is completed as soon as possible.